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Magical Offerings

​Hello dear friend,

I am glad you are here and I am happy and ready to help you on your healing journey.

All work begins with an intro call to make sure we are a good fit. Then we choose the package that is most ideal for the healing path you would like to venture on.

My promises to you include...

  • Safe space start to finish

  • Emotional support before and during the work 

  • Discussion of goals, intentions and any concerns

  • Curate the perfect elixir for conscious consumption if choosing to enhance your experience with plant medicine & guidance regarding the onset, duration and effects of the plant medicine (*only if desired)

  • Methods to implement mind, body, heart and soul integration

  • Support after the journey to aid with introspection and reflection of the experience

Plant the healing idea into your mind that you are READY to get to the root of your consciousness. Transplant your seeds of desire into the cosmos and then watch as your life blossoms and transforms. Let’s get you back into the flow of life, exactly where you are meant to be HERE AND NOW!

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the various ways that I can support you on at this point on your path to recovery and harmony.

  • Sacred space creator & holder

  • Reiki & healing touch practitioner

  • Sound healing with various sacred brass instruments, chimes, tuning forks & more

  • Creative art outlet & trauma release journaling guide

  • Plant facilitator via sacred cacao & flower tea ceremonies

  • Relaxation coach utilizing breathwork techniques, guided meditations & visualizations

  • Intuitive movement mentor encouraging ecstatic dance, somatic practices & yoga

  • Inner child guide that is ready to encourage your inner child to come out & play 

Curious about adding some sacred plant medicine to your experience?​


  • If you are considering a Relax & Rejuvination Package, it may be ideal to incorporate a relaxing flower tea or heart opening sacred cacao to your journey. This can allow you to feel and express your feelings more deeply  while navigating your chosen experience.


  • If you are considering a High Vibes Package, it may be ideal to incorporate some invorgating and heart opening sacred cacao to your journey. This can give you energy, may you feel light hearted and enjoy childlike bliss while navigating your chosen experience.


  • The Deep Soul Reset Packages can also be enhanced by with either type of plant medicine and is truly dependent on what you are seeking from this journey and can be discussed in more detail prior to your sessions.


  • Please see the additional webpage linked here for more information about Plant Medicine and how it can enhance your experience.

If you do not find the perfect package for your healing journey listed below, let's together co-create something that speaks to your heart and soul.

Relaxation & Rejuvenation Packages
Reiki & healing touch session - 1 hour

Deep Mind & Body Nurture   -  1 hour  -  $85

Reiki & Healing Touch

​Let your mind drift away as my healing hands help to release any stuck energy from your auric and energy field. During the process we will also balance the chakras for full body and soul realignment. Together we will ideally release any stagnant energy that may be causing physical and/or mental pain while also using guided breathwork and visualizations.

Reiki & tuning fork healing session - 1 hour

Tune Up to Tune In  -  1 hour  -  $85   

Using reiki and tuning forks to clear your energy

This package is designed to remove any stuck or stagnant energy using tuning forks that may be causing physical and/or emotional discomfort. First we will begin with intention setting and creating your manifestation goals. This will be followed up with a combination of a light reiki session and use of tuning forks to release energy from your electromagnetic and auric field. Ideally this will aid in reconnecting to your higher self and intuition.

Healing touch, reiki & sound healing - 1 hour

Ride the Wave  -  1 hour  -  $105    

Reiki with healing touch & sound healing

This powerful combination will help to deeply realign the mind and body during this session. Promoting deep relaxation, big energetic releases and rebalancing your energy centers through touch, sound, vibration and frequency.

Immersive sound healing session - 1 hour

​​​​Journey Through the Storm  - 1 hour -  $125  

Deep sound healing immersion with grounding healing touch at end

Let the gentle sounds and some light breathwork take you on an inner journey into your heart and soul. Together we will walk through the storm and bring you back to your peaceful happy calm place with the sweet sounds of nature. This sound immersion will be followed with a little healing touch to ground in the experience leaving you with a total sense of calm after the storm.​​

High Vibes Packages
Crystal, movement, manifestations and magic - 1.5 hour

Crystalline Connections  -  1.5 hours  -  $135

Unlock the power of intention, crystals and movement like you never had before!

​Invite the healing energy of crystals into your practice and manifestation practice. Together we will set intentions for the goals you would like to achieve and design a sacred crystal grid based on stones that align with your goals. We will then do a high energy intuitive movement release session followed with new custom affirmations.

Movement, mental imagery and art outlet - 1.5 hour

Fly High  -  1.5 hours  -  $135

High energy movement session with visualizations and a creative outlet

Allow yourself to spread your wings and soar to new heights through intuitive movement and mental imagery. This practice will be started with intention setting, followed with a full body release through movement and completed with an artistic creative outlet to help integrate the whole experience.

Inner child healing dance party! - 1.5 hour

Dance like no one’s watching!  - 1.5 hour -  $135

Let your inner child out for a dance party!

This high velocity package will begin with some reiki and healing touch to get you reconnected with your body and grounded. Next we will have a high vibration dance party to release any stuck energy or emotions that are not serving your higher purpose. Lastly, we will wrap up with a creative art outlet to integrate the mind and body.

Manifest your magic session - 2 hour

​​Manifest Your Magic  -  2 hours  -  $165 

Ready to call back your power and make big changes in your life?

Let's tap into your higher self and make magic happen! This package will begin with intention setting and grounding practices including breathwork and reiki. Next we will move our bodies together intuitively with guided visualizations and manifestation meditations. Lastly we will co-create new daily affirmations and do a creative outlet to help encompass the whole experience.​

Deep Soul Reset Packages
Seasonal reset - 1.5 hour

Seasonal Reset  -  1.5 hours  -  $135 

A energetic tune up to make room for changing seasons in your life

First we start with intention setting, intuitive movement and visualizations to release any stagnant energy. Then we integrate the experience with a seasonal artistic outlet, grounding meditations and creating affirmations for the season ahead.

Big release - journaling, visualization and sound bath - 1.5 hour

Big Release  -  1.5 hours  -  $165 

Deep release and reset via journaling, visualization and sound immersion

Has something been weighing heavy on your soul and ready to open your heart back up again? This deep journey will help you release what is no longer serving your highest good and come back to your true center. You will be guided to breathe deep, release your heartaches onto paper and then let your soul rest and recover as the sound and frequencies bring your heart back into harmony and coherence.

Realign your soul - 2 hour

Relax in the Cosmos  -  2 hours  -  $205 

Realign your soul to your souls path

This journey will first begin with intention setting and grounding with reiki and healing touch. We will go deep into your heart space with visualizations, breathwork and a sound immersion session designed just for you. It will be completed with light intuitive movement, a creative outlet and a relaxing meditation to show you the limitless opportunities that lie ahead of you.

Leap of faith - deep work - 9 sessions

Leap of Faith - $999 - 9 hours total - 9 sessions  

Full mind, heart, body and soul realignment package

This package is designed to go very deep over the course of 9 unique 1 hour sessions. Each session will focus on different chakras, different goals and things to release from the mental and physical body. These sessions will vary and may include but are not limited to reiki/healing touch, sound healing, breathwork, intuitive dance and movement, journaling/creative outlets, release rituals and more!

*ideally done over 3-4 month time span

Want to add some sacred cacao or a custom made tea blend just for you to enhance your experience?  

  • $25 add-on to any package to include a sacred cacao ceremony and will increase the time of the service package by an additional 20 minutes.

  • $20 add-on to any package to include a custom flower tea ceremony and will increase the time of the service package by an additional 20 minutes.

Why do this kind of work?

  • Traditional talk therapy isn't for everyone and this may teach you of various outlets and ways to encourage more self awareness and deep healing

  • Goal is to ease stress and anxiety and get you back to fully enjoying all this life has to offer

  • Help you overcome obstacles, move stagnant energy and get back into the flow of life

  • Feel empowered, more connected to self and more connected with community

  • Relief of emotional, spiritual and even physical pain

  • Feel more connected with loved ones, higher self and the planet

  • Stronger sense of self, worth and value

  • Ability to set better boundaries for healthier relationships in life


When to do this work?

  • When feeling stuck or at a loss (heartbreak)

  • During times of transition 

  • During times when seeking clarity and guidance

  • After trauma, whether physical or emotional

  • During times of happiness and celebration : baby showers, weddings, birthday parties


What are the benefits of reiki and healing touch?

  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Can help to improve sleep patterns and promote deep relaxation

  • Can improve mood and enhance one's emotional well-being

  • Can promote more blood flow to specific regions of the body in turn relieving pain & reducing inflammation

  • Can help in breaking up stagnant energy in the body and the energetic field around the body

  • Can help you become more spiritually aware, in touch with your intuition and align your chakras

What are the benefits of sound healing?

  • Can help improve concentration and mental clarity after a relaxing session

  • Can boost the immune system by totally allowing the nervous system to be at ease 

  • Can improve mental health by boosting mood and reducing anxiety

  • Can help with the flow of energy through the mind and body

  • Can reduce stress and tension in the body

  • Can promote creativity, a sense of purpose and passion

  • Can help improve the regulatory systems in the body to promote inner body harmony

What if you cannot afford a session?

Healing your heart shouldn't break the bank. I can offer a sliding scale for payment or even payment plans in needed. Let's have a chat if you could really use the work but in a tough position. I want to see you shine again!

Still have more questions? Happy to help!​

Please fill out the Contact Form on the bottom of the home page and we can schedule time for a complimentary consultation or to schedule a session.

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