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It is truly a pleasure to meet you

Doing deep shamanic work at a sweat lodge
Preparing for a cacao ceremony and sound healing journey

Hello dear friend,


I am glad you have been guided to this moment here and now. 


As someone who has faced many traumas in my life, I am here to share with you some of the various modalities that brought me some lightness during my darkest moments.


It is my goal to create a safe space, lend a compassionate ear and to educate you about how to get more from life.


As someone that loves science but also spirituality, it became evident that there were so many ways to "heal" oneself and so I became passionate about exploring the non-traditional healing modalities. Some techniques will be more gentle and nurturing and may include somatic healing approaches to aid in calming your nervous system. Other modalities may uplift, invigorate and empower your soul. No matter where you are on your journey, I am happy you are here and ready to try something new. 


My past and what got me here today

  • Raised by a single mother 

  • Several NDEs (near-death-experiences) and other major traumas (including but not limited to sexual assault, death of several very influential loved ones, major car accidents, life altering sports injuries and more)

  • Started engaging in shamanic practices by age 16

  • Began working with flowers as a child and then later owned floral businesses

  • Have always been obsessed with crystals and their powerful energies

  • Practicing reiki and healing touch for 10+ years

  • Appreciating and studying sound healing for 8+ years

  • Participating in and training for Sacred Cacao and Flower Tea Ceremonies for 5+ years


After journeying on a difficult path that led me to this present moment, I have decided to make it my life's purpose to help others find their way again. I hope to help share my experiences with others to empower them and show them that they too can also redesign their life. 

Future goals

  • Keeper of the land and sustainable farming

  • Herbalist and master gardener

  • Ultimate pollinator

  • Keeping ancient traditions and ceremonies alive

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to healing. Together, we will curate a custom experience based on your desired outcomes and goals. If you are willing to look deep within your soul with compassion, courage & self love, we can help to alchemize your biggest challenges into your greatest gifts and life lessons.


I am here to be your greatest cheerleader, motivator and light in the dark. I am a being of unconditional fierce love. I am here to help you achieve a different perspective regarding your past traumas so that you can lead a more peaceful life in your present and future life.


I am not here to heal you, instead I am here to show you that you are worthy of living a happier life and the places that need your love and attention.

"A healer does not heal you. A healer is somone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself." - Maryam Hasnaa

If you are ready to let your inner child come out to play, my inner child is ready and so excited! 


I am a beacon of life, I am a beacon of light and I am a beacon of love. All souls are welcome, valued and respected. 


Wishing you peace now and always,


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